This page is where you can look for answers to our most popular questions. There are links to plus-sized shopping all over the world, tips on figuring out your body shape, and info on things like dresses, swimsuits and bras. Hopefully this page can help you find what you're looking for!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Tights and Leggings

We are getting LOTS of questions about tights, so instead of answering the same question a bunch of times, I figured I could address it here. :)
WeLoveColors - This place has TONS of options for tights and leggings in many, many different colors.
Bare Necessities - Here you can find a bunch of neutral options, most of which have a control top.
Lane Bryant - Has these super cute floral fish net tights, along with a few other options.
Hips and Curves - Is great if you are feeling a little sassy.
Silkies - Has a large selection that goes up to XXL. They have an orange pair that I LOVE.
OnlyLeggings - If you are looking for some cray cray leggings, this is the place to go.
Hopefully this should help you guys out!
- Laura

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Reasons why your submission might not get published.

"Why haven't you published my picture?!"

I get this question or a variation of it at least ten times a week. I feel like I just keep repeating and repeating and repeating! With so many submissions, there is just no way I can remember what photo/submission was yours, so since I can't tell you a specific reason why your exact submission was not accepted, here are some reasons your photo might not get published:
  • Not following the rules of submission. I made those rules for a reason, and I have zero tolerance on this one. If you do not include your size in your submission, it will automatically get deleted. If publishing your size on the internet scares you, let me know and I will erase your sizing info before I publish it.
  • If I can't see what you're wearing, I'm not going to publish your photo. This is a fashion blog, not myspace. For example, I get a lot of this type of thing (see above). Don't send in this type of photo. While I'm sure your face is lovely, I want to see what you are wearing. (By the way, the photo above was not a submission, it was something I found on google. I obviously made it so you cannot see her face since I did not have approval to use her likeness.)
  • If there is something offensive in your photo, whether on the clothing or in the background, it will not get published. Not a lot to explain here.
  • If your photo is blurry or hard to see in some other way, it will not get published. Again, not a lot to explain.
  • I don't publish lingerie or underwear photos. Nothing against them, but I want FYCF to remain a neutral area and I want to do whatever I can to keep the women who submit from being exploited in any way.
  • In keeping with the statement above, I won't post a photo that is just showing off your boobs or your butt with a bit of outfit, too. I get a lot of these.
  • If you submit but do not properly include an image, it obviously will not get published. If you think a submission didn't go through properly, try it again. I'd rather get two or three of the same submission and delete the extras than to get one that doesn't work.
That's all I can think of at the moment. I apologize if your photo does not make it onto the blog, but it is nothing personal. With as many submissions as I get, I have to maintain some guidelines, and unfortunately not every photo will be approved. I hope you understand.


Monday, 9 May 2011

"Where can I find plus size swimwear?"

Check out the following sites (or if there is a physical location near you, give that a shot!) for your plus size swimsuit needs (clicking the links will take you directly to the plus size swimsuit action):
You should definitely be able to find the right suit for you with this list!


Saturday, 7 May 2011

"Where can I find plus size formal wear?" Includes prom dresses, wedding dresses, etc.

There are several places you can look for plus size formal wear such as prom dresses or wedding gowns. Give these sites a look:
You'll find a wide range of designs and prices at these sites. You can also check out locations for several of these stores that are near you. Don't overlook department stores, either. Many times they will have a great selection of plus size prom or special occasion dresses!

The dreaded Chub-Rub

Here are some tips to help with or prevent chub-rub (which is the rubbing and chafing of chubby thighs against one another during long walks or duration of activity):
  • Cut off the lower legs of a pair of pantyhose.
  • Spanx or other similar shapewear.
  • Lightweight cycling or other small, thin, stretchy shorts. Men's boxer briefs are good, too.
  • BodyGlide (or deodorant sometimes helps) applied to the area.
  • Baby powder, talcum powder, or corn starch applied to the area (tends to need re-applied over time).
  • Monistat Soothing Care anti-chafing powder-gel.
If you have some tips to share on this topic, feel free to let me know! I'll add it to the list.


How to submit.

I get a lot of questions from followers having trouble submitting. Here is a step-by-step guide to submitting a photo. This will work for text/link/quote submissions as well.


 From the tumblr homepage, click on "submit."


Read the rules of submission. This is very important! Your submission will not get published if it does not follow the rules of submission.
Once you've read the rules, you'll see a box that says "Submit a Text Post." If you click on the writing, a drop-down menu will appear, like in the photo above. Select what type of submission you want to make (in this example, I will show you a photo post).


Click on "Browse" and your photo files will come up. Click on the photo you want to submit. In the text box, type in whatever information you want to include. For example, you can tell us where you got your outfit, where you wore it, etc. Don't forget to include your size!
Next, you'll need to check the box that says "I accept the Terms of Submission."
If you want to add tags to your submission, you can select them from the list provided.
When you are satisfied with your submission, click "Submit."


If you see this come up on your screen, your submission has been entered!
If you don't see this, start over and try again. Tumblr may be having the hiccups.

Again, this particular example was for a photo submission, but it will essentially be the same for text/link/quote submissions as well.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Rules of submission for the FYCF tumblr page!

1. Please, please, PLEASE look at our FAQ page (there is a link on our home page, directly under the title) and see if your question is answered there before asking.
There is a Plus Sized Shopping Guide with loads of online stores on the left side of the page.
2. This is a chubby/fat fashion blog. It should go without saying, but you must be plus size if you are submitting.
3. Please include your size info. You must be a size US12 or above, and if your size info is not included your submission will NOT be published. If you are not from the US, please just include the country you’re from along with the size. ***If you don’t want your size info published, please let us know and we will take it off before publishing.***

Thanks everyone! We really appreciate your cooperation.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

FOR MY ROMANTICS - New Shopping Site

Check out:


Alright - we get asked for this A LOT! So here is some advice and some links.

We have a really wide range of followers, you range in both size and age so I'll do my best to cover everyone.

I'm a stickler, and I totally believe in trying things on. Online shopping is great, especially if you in an area that doesn't give you a lot of choices but I can't say that I've never ordered something online and been disappointed. Can you?

For our younger ladies - try places like Target, sure you walk in and they have a HUGE line of bikinis right at the front which you may not feel comfortable in but the last time I was there they had some vintage looking pokadot full pieces as well both in the regular section in XL (which fit me and I'm an 18) and they had a couple in the plus section as well. Same cut but full colours - blue black and red.

Walmart also carries bathsuits in plus sizes, they are normally full colored as well but you can find some nice cuts. They carry both full piece and bikinis in plus.

For my pin up/rockabilly girls check out the amazing selection at - that's where I scored a vintage inspired leopard print full piece!! It was somewhat expensive $100 - but they shipped it right away I got it in a matter of days and this is one site that I've never been disappointed with quality wise. One thing to keep in mind though, is that I do have a bigger chest and there wasn't a lot of support. The cups are soft and not wired.
Pin Up Girl Clothing

Me in mine:

And some other options - full and bikini:

And Always for me has a GREAT selection of Plus Swimwear such as:
Always For Me

There are always other options so make sure you check out quick link shopping guide for other websites. If you want to try things on you can always try a department store as well! We had someone recommend Newport News as well on our tumblr - you can check them our here:


Hi there!

We get asked SO much about finding dresses for occasions. Whether it's junior prom, a wedding, a fancy dinner etc so take a look at some of the links below to find great plus size dresses.

Also keep in mind that there are a TON of links at the side that you can roam through.

Start there - keep in mind to CHECK the sizing chart, take your measurements before you order!!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Where to find Great Bras Online

Here are some links to some great online stores for Plus Size lingerie and for chubby girls with bigger breasts.

Just My Size 
They also sell swim wear and some clothing.

Carry only lingerie and swimwear. They carry smaller sizes as well but have a great range for women with larger busts.

Uk based and special in women with large busts. May not be the best choice if you are truly plus size as most brands they carry only go up to a 38 however they do have a very wide range of cup sizes. Please keep in mind that UK sizing is far different from that in the US/Can. They also carry swimwear.

Lane Bryant
Carry both a full range of plus size clothing and lingerie. They are US based and do in store sizing if needed.
(I recently just had my first experience at Lane Bryant after spending years shopping in specialty stores or ordering in from the UK and I loved it. They have fun flirty styles, a multitude of different cuts and padding - they were affordable, comfy and cute.)

Hips and Curves
Specialize in Plus Size Lingerie of all types.

These are my favs - check the quick links for even more sites!